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December 9, 2013

FAQ - Online Surveying DO's and DON'Ts.

So how much is your opinion actually worth? Well that all depends on your age, where you live, if you are male or female, what income bracket you fall in, and your current career choice amongst other things.  Market researchers call these items demographics and a lot of value is put into finding an adequate sample from all walks of people in order to successfully research new products and services, as well as retool existing ones.  This is where you and I come in.

If you like giving your opinion and being rewarded for your contributions you will undoubtedly find the world of paid surveys, polls and mystery shopping of interest to you.  Even more appealing is the fact that this type of research is now being done online.  Yes, market researchers are rewarding people that both qualify and complete various surveys and research projects right from the convenience of their homes.  This research is done mostly via email invitations and can include such things as testing new products as well as doing follow-up surveys on how well those products fared.

It is important to note that participation in any legitimate research should always your choice and will never cost you anything. 

Here are a few things to help you get started and be aware of:

  • does not recommend joining any site that charges you for a “list” of survey companies. Market research companies do not charge you for your help, why would they?
  • Be wary of sites that guarantee you set monthly income for taking surveys.  You will not make a living and it is not a career.
  • You will not make a living participating in online market research. Paid research opportunities are based on your full comlpetion of any and all requirements, including the proper qualification and survey screeners as provided.
  • Participation is always voluntary. Participate only if you are interested!
  • True market research companies will not try to sell you any product or service as that would be a conflict of interest.
  • The rewards for qualification and completion of research projects vary and might include cash, free product trials, or entries in sweepstakes. Typically details are spelled out up front in the invitation you receive
  • Sign up for as many market research panels as you would like.  The more you sign up for the more potential opportunities you will have to contribute and be rewarded

As always, feel free to email our support team with any questions you might have or with your interest or ideas for market research surveys and panels. We would also like to hear about the surveys you have done, how much you have earned and other ideas you may have. Simply go to the "Contact Us" tab.






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